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Hydrolive is a domestic generator of hydrogenated water that converts osmotized water into water rich in dissolved hydrogen with high antioxidant power.

795.00 €

High antioxidant power thanks to the abundant dissolved hydrogen.

Water rich in natural minerals.

More hydration power thanks to the micro-grouping of water molecules.

Neutral water (pH 7.2 - 7.9) similar to that of our body.

Negative redox potential, sample of its antioxidant capacity.

Eliminates bacteria, such as E.coli.

Eliminates the smell and taste of chlorine.

Discover all the benefits that hydrogenated water offers for diseases.


  • Prevent aging: Neutralizes free radicals that oxidize and age us.
  • Prevent diseases: Diabetes, cholesterol, arteriosclerosis, neurodegenerative diseases, skin diseases, kidney disease, arthritis.
  • Oncological treatments: It improves the quality of life and reduces the side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • Beauty and hygiene: Improves the appearance of the skin, delays the appearance of spots, effective for hydration, whitening and improvement of wrinkles.
  • Obesity and constipation: Stimulates lipid metabolism, reduces levels of body fat and facilitates the excretion of feces.
  • Sports: Improves resistance to muscle fatigue and reduces recovery time after intense exercise.
  • Processes of inflammation and allergy: It has anti-inflammatory properties and reduces allergic symptoms.

Size 150 x 175 x 275 mm
Weight 1000 gr approx.
Capacity 1,5 liters
Adapter Ac 100v-220v, 50-60hz 1,5a (electric security certificate no: hu 10573-1001b)
Consumption Less than 0,3kw
Material Copolyester (eastman tritan ™)
Electrode Titanium + platinum
Components Container + cover with filter + battery charging cable
Useful life Semi-permanent, replaceable battery every 5 years