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What we do

We are a team of professionals selling and assembling both water softening systems and reverse osmosis water filters. Thanks to our vast professional experience, we have come to know many different devices; some good, some others of a low quality… and it is by experience that we recommend you to trust us.

How we do it

Our vast team consists of dynamic, highly qualified professionals, able to make decisions and take responsibilities, as well as to adapt to our customers’ needs.

Uniagua Gallego

Uniagua GallegoIn Uniagua Gallego also have a spacious storage area that allows us to provide a constant supply of orders.

Our logistic department has developed a quality system designed to guarantee the fastest delivery.

And as a result

Our continuous training has led us to be at the very top of the water filtering industry, with satisfied customers attesting to our work all over Spain. We are known for studying our customers’ needs, ideas and suggestions in depth and then translating them into practice.